Malika Bryant

Malika Bryant is a visual artist and art teacher who received her BA degree from Ashford University. She currently resides in the Hyattsville, MD Arts District, where you will find some of her work in the shops along Route 1. Since childhood Malika has known that art and children would be a part of her life. After years of being in the corporate world, Malika wanted something new for her life and chose to follow her dream of teaching drawing and painting to children. Malika says that when she walks in the doors of CREATE, she knows she is in her element.

Emily Dematatis

Emily Dematatis teaches during summer camp and especially enjoys teaching painting. She believes in the therapeutic power of art to build children’s self-esteem, courage to take risks, persistence, and problem-solving skills. Emily likes the way CREATE’s camps encourage kids to express creativity and enjoy the art making process. Although she loved art as a child, Emily didn’t think she was good at art until she was in high school where her art teacher inspired her to her to pursue art. Emily’s passion to learn more about how young children learn led to her current work on a graduate degree in Early Childhood Education at Towson University.

Ann Deutermann

Ann Deutermann has been a teaching artist at CREATE from 2017 to the present, as well as during a four year period from 1999-2003. She enjoys working with young art students from ages 5-12 and most recently has begun teaching a mixed media class for adults. Ann finds teaching art and creating her own work to be both therapeutic and joyful. Ann is a contemporary figurative and abstract painter and works with a variety of media. Layers of paint, paper and stone wear are among the materials she incorporates creating rich textural surfaces. Her work has been exhibited in many local galleries and is held in private collections worldwide. Ann holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Advertising Design from the University of Maryland. She continued her art education with post graduate studies at the Washington Studio School. Her course work included advanced painting and drawing with an emphasis on the human figure. Ann’s paintings and prints can be viewed at:

Susan Farrer

Susan Farrer is a mixed-media artist who enjoys inspiring others to find or re-find their creative spark through art. She teaches classes and workshops in collage, mixed media, acrylic painting, and drawing, with the goals of helping people explore their creativity and have fun through self-expression. In creating her own art, she enjoys the texture and color possibilities of working with many different materials. She earned her master’s and bachelor’s degrees from the University of Maryland. In 2019, she received a Montgomery County Arts and Humanities Council grant to participate in a healthcare and creative aging training institute in New York, and she also completed an expressive arts training program in Rhode Island. A long-time Silver Spring resident, Susan loves having CREATE as a visual-art hub in her community!

Sakeenah Franzen

Sakeenah Franzen is an artist and teacher practicing throughout the DMV area. She specializes in printmaking, fabric design, and stone carving, and also enjoys teaching ceramics, drawing and painting, and mixed media at CREATE.  Additionally, Sakeenah is a Montessori classroom teacher for 4th and 5th grade at Latin American Montessori Bilingual Public Charter School (LAMB PCS).  She loves the opportunity to teach students in all subject matters, and particularly is fond of teaching creative arts to children at CREATE.

Danielle Gantt

Danielle Gantt is an artist who was born and raised in the District of Columbia. She attended Duke Ellington High School of the Arts and majored in the Visual Arts department throughout her 3 years at the school. She furthered her education at Virginia Commonwealth University, receiving her B.F.A in Painting and Printmaking, and received her M.A. in Secondary Education from University of Phoenix. She was employed with the District of Columbia Public School for six years as an art teacher because of her love for art and working with children. Danielle loves to travel, play video games, spend time with her family, and continue to pursue her passion for art and design with her T-shirt business. She is looking forward to the new adventures that await at CREATE Arts Center.

Tara Holl

Tara Holl is a mixed media artist with a strong background in glass work and mural painting. Tara teaches throughout the DC area, often offering residencies as a “teaching artist” through the Maryland State Arts Council “Arts in Education” program. She has also been the curator for a variety of art gallery exhibitions. At CREATE, Tara teaches at camps and afterschool classes where she takes pride in supporting all types of learners. Tara has studied Fine Arts, Glass Working, Writing, Arts Integration, and Business Management over the years. She and her husband own a restaurant in Olney, Maryland where she assists as needed in between her art-related endeavors.

Nikki Israel

Nikki Israel has been creating art for as long as she can remember. She works with all kinds of mediums, including paints, pencils, and ceramics, and has been recognized for her talent throughout high school and within a variety of art programs. Nikki believes in the importance of art, especially for children. She recognizes the need for art education to help build children’s’ cognitive and motor skills, and to give them the ability to express themselves in ways words cannot. Nikki is working on her associates degree at Montgomery College and hopes to pursue a degree in art therapy. She has been working as an afterschool art teacher at Young Rembrandts, and is excited to join CREATE’s talented group of teaching artists. Her journey in the career as an artist is far from the end.

Josephine Monmaney

Josephine Monmaney began her career in the arts working in the costume department for film and television. An acrylic painter, Josephine later started teaching to children at her home and in Woodlin Elementary School’s afterschool program. In 2016, she joined CREATE’s Summer Camp staff and loves how passionate and caring the team at CREATE is about providing the best environment for kids to explore and celebrate their creative abilities. Her favorite projects to teach are sculpture and painting – so far! She has degrees in visual arts and fashion design and is taking classes to become a full-time art teacher.

Emily Norris

Emily Norris is an interdisciplinary visual artist with a specialty in ceramics. She graduated from Cecil College with an Associate of Arts in Ceramics and received her Bachelors of Fine Arts in Art & Design with a concentration in Ceramics from Towson University. Since she was a young child, art has provided Emily with a therapeutic outlet to express herself, and to find the beauty in even the smallest mistakes. Because of this she always knew that she wanted to share her love of art and the artistic process with others. Emily brings her teaching artist skills to all of CREATE’s art education programs, including the smARTkids™ afterschool program, birthday parties, workshops, and camps. One of the things that most excites Emily about teaching at CREATE is that it has allowed her the opportunity to teach in an open and safe learning environment where she can help children, and adults alike, realize their true potential through the exploration of various materials and mediums in art!

Angela Ranzoni

Angela Ranzoni teaches classes at CREATE and at local schools through CREATE’s afterschool art classes. As a painter and teacher, one of the many things she loves about CREATE is the empowering environment it provides each student. She also enjoys the connection between the lessons she teaches and her own artmaking. The new ideas start cropping up in her own art, she brings it back to the kids, they inspire her, and the cycle repeats! For Angela, the process of making art is one of personal healing and about connecting with others through sharing our creativity, which she says “is what daily life at CREATE is all about.”

Shelley Sarrin

Shelley Sarrin is a clay artist who teaches classes and camps at CREATE and leads one of our smARTkids™ Afterschool Art Program groups. She brings 30 years of teaching experience in Maryland public schools as a Special Educator. Shelley loves being able to combine her love of teaching and art at CREATE. Whether teaching a group of at-risk youth or parents and their children in our Family Pottery classes, her goal is always to nurture and encourage creative minds and develop self-confidence through personal expression. When not teaching or tutoring students with special needs, Shelley expresses herself through working in her studio, drawing, and pottery.

Susan Stack

Susan Stack grew up in western Howard County, Maryland, but brings an International background and an open world view to her classes. After attaining a masters of Industrial Design at Pratt Institute, she worked many long days and nights in the fashion accessories and home furnishing industries of NYC before leaving to pursue other adventures. She has taught ceramics to all ages groups in the sweltering heat of Singapore and enrichment classes to seniors in the windy city of Wellington, New Zealand. She has been teaching with CREATE since the Spring of 2019. Susan’s teaching philosophy is that learning is a two way street. Students sometimes make her aware of things that she would not have otherwise noticed. She inspires her students to explore, take risks and most importantly to fail and fail often. Fall down seven times. Stand up eight! This is how we grow. Susan designs her lesson plans to ensure that her students have complete freedom to express themselves without the constraints of cookie cutter results. Her goal is to focus on highlighting a technique while solving visual problems and fostering creativity. Who wants to have the same artwork as everyone else anyway? You can view some of her art on her portfolio website:

Jeanette Talavera

Jeanette Talavera is a practicing artist and teacher at CREATE, and is currently working on obtaining her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. She enjoys practicing her painting, and drawing while surrounded by the nature of her home garden of rare plants, or at botanical gardens around the Washington metropolitan area. She developed her passion and skills of working with children from working in a variety of environments. Her experiences include volunteering for So What Else, a nonprofit program for at-risk youth; working for the Youth School of Etiquette teaching etiquette to children and teenagers; working at the White Flint Montessori School as an Art teacher; and, working as an art teacher at the Renaissance Art Center in Gaithersburg, Maryland. In her free time, she enjoys gardening and helping others bring nature and balance into their home using her knowledge of plant care and design. Her goal is to enrich the lives of children and young adults with a combination of nature, art and counseling to support their natural wellness and development.

Naomi Weintraub

Naomi Weintraub (they/them) is a teaching artist for CREATE. Naomi grew up in Silver Spring and attended Silver Spring public schools. They are a visual artist and community organizer. Naomi studied Studio Art and Community Youth Education Studies, and is interested in the role that Community Arts organizations can play in building youth voice and activism.

Clare Winslow

Clare Winslow is a child and grandchild of Washington DC painters, Clare grew up enveloped in vibrant art, and she is a strong believer of its power to promote unity and transformation, especially during turbulent times. Her extensive training includes a degree in painting, a master’s degree in Teaching, and years of post-graduate study at the Corcoran College of Art. Her focus on printmaking has allowed her to combine a broad range of artistic interests: drawing, photography, digital imaging, painting and textiles. Her work has been exhibited in the US and Asia, and is united by the themes of time, nature, and her personal response to current events. Influences include two years living in Japan, contemporary abstraction, and memories of childhood.  According to Clare, “Each project challenges me to maintain a delicate balance between process and feeling.”