Art is a powerful means of expression and healing.

CREATE Arts Center’s Art Therapy programs provide individuals the opportunities to work with licensed, professional art therapists to address a variety of cognitive, behavioral, or emotional needs through structured art projects in a supportive, non-institutional environment. Programs are available for children and adults, individually and in groups. CREATE’s art therapists are experienced in supporting both children and adults, and in addressing mental health challenges ranging from autism, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, traumatic brain injury, or loss or trauma as well as personal challenges such as stress, depression, trauma, anxiety, grief, and family relationships.

In art therapy, art is used as a tool to help facilitate the expression of thoughts and emotions. Art therapy works for people with a variety of cognitive, behavioral, or emotional needs.

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Examples of the positive results CREATE clients have experienced include:

  • Learning coping skills to handle a variety of situations
  • Gaining a sense of understanding of life circumstances
  • Processing feelings of loneliness or disconnect
  • Increasing mindfulness through art and guided meditation
  • Major life transitions
  • Building a relationship with an autistic child
  • Working through the grieving process
  • Making the parent/child relationship work more smoothly
  • Helping a family work together

The art therapist acts as a guide to help the client through the process of healing and awareness. In addition to guiding in the art-making process, the therapist may provide additional resources and help find strategies to increase an overall sense of well-being.

All people are welcomed and honored at CREATE. We welcome all sexual, spiritual and cultural orientations.

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To discuss our programs, have any questions, or to schedule an intake interview please contact us at or call 301-588-2787.

Studio/Virtual Studio

CREATE Art Center’s Studio/Virtual Studio program (formerly Studio Downstairs) provides emotional and social support for adults living with mental health challenges within a safe, stable, and artistic therapeutic community. Please note that Studio recently transitioned from an all-online format (Virtual Studio) to a hybrid format that is open to both in-person and virtual participation.

Through structured group art therapy, opportunities for museum visits (temporarily on hold), and public exhibitions of our members’ artwork, Studio challenges the stigma of mental illness by providing opportunities for healing, learning, growth, and personal development for those individuals experiencing a broad range of cognitive, behavioral, and emotional needs.

Studio/Virtual Studio meets two times a week (Mondays and Fridays from 10 am to 1 pm) for a 3-hour open group art therapy session led by a licensed art therapist.

Contact us at or call 301-588-2787 to learn more.

Individual Art Therapy

CREATE’s licensed, credentialed and experienced art therapists are available to work with children, adolescents, adults, and families on an individual basis. Depending on the client’s needs, art therapy, talk therapy or a combination of both may be used.

Virtual and in-person therapy are available. 

The individual art therapy rate is $125/hour. Health insurance may cover part of the costs of individual art therapy, however CREATE is not able to take insurance at this time. Please contact your health care provider to determine eligibility.

Contact us at or 301-588-2787 to learn more about ONLINE and ONSITE art therapy options, or to set up a required intake interview (Please note: There is a $50 fee for intake interviews. Parents must accompany minor children to their intake interview.)

Group Art Therapy

Art therapy support groups at CREATE are designed for people with specific shared issues. Art therapy can help with a variety of issues, such as depression, stress, anxiety, and grief, as well as helping to improve self-esteem and emotional regulation.  No art experience is necessary to participate in an art therapy group. Through the introduction of art techniques and materials, CREATE’s licensed art therapists guide group members to discover, clarify and express thoughts and emotions. Doing so in a group setting, especially with those who share similar experiences, allows the group members to support each other while working on their own goals. Group art therapy can be an adjunct to traditional (talk) therapy or as a stand-alone pursuit.

Contact us at or 301-588-2787 to learn more about our current art therapy groups, or to set up a required intake interview (Please note: There is a $50 fee for intake interviews. Parents must accompany minor children to their intake interview.)


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