Fall/Winter Juried Exhibition

Tamah Graber

Dreaming Kandinsky
Fused Glass
15” x 10” x 4”

Artist Bio:
I began working in stained glass in the early 1980s and joined Metropolitan Stained Glass Association.  That later merged into the National Capital Art Glass Guild.  Although my academic training was in Russian and library science, glass has been a fascination for many years. I has been fortunate to be able to take classes from glass artists from all over the US and Europe, and have tried to expand my knowledge and practice with each of these classes.  Although my main focus is fused glass, I still work in stained glass and occasionally work in blown glass. I have had the opportunity to show my work in shows throughout the DC area and currently serve as the President of the National Capital Art Glass Guild.

Artist Statement:
People began working with glass as far back at 3000 years ago.  The idea that one can make vessels and bowls and beautiful art objects using sand, ash and heat is fascinating. I enjoy working in most areas of glass, learning from each one and finding ways to express myself. My more recent work has been abstract.  I enjoy finding or creating pieces that will somehow come together to create a unified work, using frit, sheet glass, stringers and more.

Website: https://www.tamsglass.net

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