Allie Berg

“Pear Study in Monochrome and Color”

Two 6.5” x 9” panels

Artist Statement

My subject, the pear, is simple in color and shape, but it is that simplicity which allows me to explore its nature. With the monochromatic panel, my goal is to focus on the shape of the pear – the lines, the curves, the shadows – the physical space that the fruit occupies. In my non-monochromatic panel, the bold and contrasting colors allow me to explore the beauty, depth, and variety of a common item. By keeping tight control over the watercolors themselves, as opposed to the looser painting style often seen in the medium, I focus on the details in a way that mimics the look, light, and shadows of a photograph.

Artist Bio

Allie Berg is a Washington, DC watercolor artist and former professional photographer. She began exploring the world of watercolor three years ago through a combination of painting classes, workshops, and an extensive collection of watercolor books. Since then, Allie has spent significant time exploring the medium and discovering her style. She is drawn to the way that the transparent nature of watercolors can be used to create artworks that are both luminous and saturated with color. Allie prefers to paint in a naturalistic realistic style, and is slowly working her way to a photorealistic look, as influenced by her own background in photography. She currently works at the nonprofit CREATE Arts Center as its Director of Communications & Outreach. Her work at CREATE gives her exposure to many types of art and a variety of artists. She lives in Washington DC with her husband, two sons, and cat.