Gwendolyn M. Short

Gwendolyn M. Short

“DC of Yesteryear”
Textile art, using fabric, thread, and beads
17” x 19 ½”
August 2021

Artist Statement

My sister and I were latch-key kids, living in downtown DC. Our grandfather would come to check on us on his way to or from work. He traveled by Greyhound and Trailways buses and both stations were across the street from where we lived. As I stitch the fabrics together, it is often soothing for me as I remember pleasant memories, we shared in years gone by.

Artist Bio

Gwen Short is a native Washingtonian who still resides in DC with her husband. She has been an art therapist for four decades and is retired from the Prince Georges County, Maryland Health Dept. Gwen has worked at CREATE Arts Center as the Art Therapy Director for the past six years. Art in different forms has been a part of her life since childhood.

Gwen became aware of the hidden messages in the quilts made by slaves during slavery times, and the unique creativity of the stitched pieces of cloth used as tools that lead to freedom for many. She is in awe of the mystique and the wonderment generated by scrapes of fabric and thread to tell a story. Gwen started quilting six years ago and feels that she still has only just begun to learn the craft. She was introduced to story clothes and felt that she could use the art form to tell her own stories. Most recently, she has chosen to honor family members who have passed away, leaving her to tell some of their stories through her art for her younger family members who will never know them.

As a member of, Sisters of the Cloth/DC, Gwen has exhibited her quilts and story cloths in and around the Washington Metropolitan area. She can be contacted at