Lisa Pascal

Lisa Pascal
Clay Sculpture
20″ x 12″ x 10″
Spring 2016

Artist Statement

My art is very personal and self-reflective and is often a record of my mood/ thought process at the time of its’ construction; a visual documentation of a specific moment or period of my life. Art-making has always had a therapeutic and meditative value for me. I create my art as a way of self-exploration and growth. Every time I create something new, I evolve as an artist and discover something about myself. As my art is often a visual representation of my stream of conscious thoughts and unconscious emotions, I’m generally inclined towards more expressive pieces. Emerging was my first venture in figurative clay sculpture. It is an imaginative self-portrait that I created for an art class I was taking Montgomery college. I enjoyed the process of physically sculpting the material and the challenge of encapsulating an essence of myself in three-dimensional form. I hope to portray my love of nature, creative joy, and curious spirit in the organic forms and whimsical nature of the piece.

Artist Bio

Lisa was raised to appreciate and love the creative arts. She has always been fascinated by the healing aspect of art and remember tapping into its therapeutic value as a young child when she would retreat to my easel in the basement and paint to soothe herself. Throughout high school she sketched and painted frequently for pleasure and relaxation. In 2016, Lisa started volunteering at CREATE Arts Center because she was drawn to its mission and dedication to the community. After working as a teaching artist for a few years, Lisa left CREATE temporarily in 2019 to pursue Graduate education in the Field of Art therapy. She graduated from George Washington University with a Master of Art and recently has returned to CREATE in a new position as the Art Therapy Program Manager. Over the years, Lisa has witnessed art become an important form of self-expression and affirmation in many people’s lives. In her new role, she hopes to convey how the creation process can be a healthy way to cope with stress and anxiety, express emotions, and process feelings. She wishes to grant everyone the experience of how creating art can be restorative to the soul.