Samarra Coakley

Samarra Coakley
Tempura paint and glue on cloth
22” x 22”
September 2021

Artist Statement

I always find myself going back to my youth. I would spend my days riding my bike through the woods and spend my nights catching lightning bugs in mason jars. I didn’t care about if my hair was parted right, or if my clothes matched, or what time it was. I just knew that I felt right outside.

I chose this batik-style painting because I wanted to capture the simplicity of youth. The cloth allowed me to not focus on the accuracy of the paint brush, but focus on the bursts of color and nostalgia.

Artist Bio

Samarra Coakley is CREATE’s Registrar & Office Manager. Samarra has had a love for the arts since her early childhood when she was enrolled in dance, theatre, and art classes. Her background is in the performing arts. Although she doesn’t consider herself a visual artist, art has always been a part of her life.