To Wander & Wonder

Featuring the Artistry of Kelsey Joyce and Christine Wolfe Strong

We are thrilled to invite you to the enchanting exhibition “To Wander & Wonder” at Tamar Hendel Gallery. This extraordinary showcase will feature the imaginative works of two remarkable artists, Kelsey Joyce and Christine Wolfe Strong.

Venue: Tamar Hendel Gallery
Address: 914 Silver Spring Ave, Silver Spring, MD 20910
Show Dates: March 2nd-April 6th                                                                                                                                              Opening Reception: March 2nd, 2024, 12:00-2:00 pm                                                                                                          Art Talk: March 25th, 2024. 5:30-7:00 pm

Artist Statements:

Kelsey Joyce:
Kelsey Joyce is a Maryland-based artist who takes inspiration from her daydreams to create imaginary creatures she has coined the “Imji.” Joyce specializes in creating mixed media sculptures using an array of techniques and materials such as papier mache, wallpaper paste, paint, welding, clay, and acrylic paint. Each “Imji” has its own story, personality, and name that Joyce has nurtured into a series of folktales, art installations, and public artworks. Joyce’s fantastical subjects are inspired by her active love of color, animal hybrids, and alebrijes. Her goal with art is to transport the viewer into her fantasy, inspire optimism, and ignite their creativity. When she is not creating works of art, she is an arts educator and events organizer, expressing herself through dance, fashion, and music.
Visit Kelsey Joyce’s Portfolio
Instagram: @joyful.imji.creations
Facebook: Joyful Imji Creations

Title: Polly the Polychromatic Panda

Size: (11” L x 22” W x 14.5” H)

Medium: Papier-mâché & Acrylic

Date of Work: 2023

Price: $1,000

Description: Black & White Panda with Rainbow Design & Accents                                                                                                                                                                                                         


Title: Starburst Dragon

Size: (27” L x 21” W x 12” H)

Medium: Papier-mâché & Acrylic

Date of Work: July 2021

Price: $1,500

Description: Hot pink, orange, & Yellow imji with Purple & blue details


Christine Wolfe Strong:
The thin line that divides the Craft and Fine art worlds is the bridge where I find myself as a maker. Each piece is an experiment with colors and numbers, slowly taking shape and surprising me as much as I am controlling its growth. The repetition of crochet stitches and the time taken to create allows for moments to be lost and the process to become a meditation with an end product. Works present themselves as relating to clothing, textiles, bedding, toys, nature and evoke feelings of nostalgia and dreams. The materials and process of crochet, sewing and fiber surfaces creating a level of comfort and accessibility to the complex imagery and patterns that materialize from my internal world.
Instagram: @yarnbeast3


Title: Bloom

Size: 3’x3’x 8”

Medium: Hand crochet Fibers, fabric, Hoola Hoops

Date of Work: Feb 2024

Price: $800




Title: Prism

Size: 5’x 3’x 1’

Medium: Hand crochet fibers, Hoola hoops, Fabric

Date of Work: Feb 2024

Price: $1000




Don’t miss the opportunity to immerse yourself in the captivating worlds created by these two exceptional artists. Join us as we wander and wonder through their imaginative realms from March 2nd to April 6th. Mark your calendars and prepare to be amazed!