Art is a powerful means of expression and healing.

CREATE Arts Center’s Art Therapy programs provide individuals the opportunities to work with licensed, professional art therapists to address a variety of cognitive, behavioral, or emotional needs through structured art projects in a supportive, non-institutional environment. Programs are available for children and adults, individually and in groups. CREATE’s art therapists are experienced in supporting both children and adults, and in addressing mental health challenges ranging from autism, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, traumatic brain injury, or loss or trauma as well as personal challenges such as stress, depression, trauma, anxiety, grief, and family relationships.

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Studio DownstairsSQ

Studio/Virtual Studio

Formerly known as Studio Downstairs, CREATE Art Center’s Virtual Studio program provides psychological and social support for adults managing mental illness or emotional difficulties within a non-institutional, safe, stable, and artistic therapeutic community.

Through structured online group art therapy and public exhibitions of our members’ artwork, Studio challenges the stigma of mental illness by providing opportunities for healing, learning, growth, and personal development for those individuals experiencing a broad range of cognitive, behavioral, and emotional needs.





Individual Art Therapy

Use art to foster creativity, expression, self-esteem, and personal growth under the guidance of a licensed art therapist. CREATE’s art therapists are experienced in supporting children and adults, addressing challenges such as stress, depression, trauma, anxiety, grief, and family relationships.








Group Art Therapy

CREATE’s art therapy groups are designed to support individuals with similar or shared issues through the use of art to discover, clarify and express thoughts and emotions.









ArtAutismSQArt For Autism

Group art therapy tailored to children and adolescents with Autism or Autistic features. Therapeutic art activities, using a variety of materials, are designed to encourage relationship-building and build social skills.