CREATE’s licensed, credentialed and experienced art therapists are available to work with children, adolescents, adults, and families, individually and in groups. Depending on the client’s needs, art therapy, talk therapy or a combination of both may be used. In art therapy, art is used as a tool to help facilitate the expression of thoughts and emotions. Art therapy works for people with a variety of cognitive, behavioral, or emotional needs.

Virtual and in-person therapy available in English and Spanish. Meet our licensed art therapists.

The individual art therapy rate is $125/hour. Health insurance may cover part of the costs of individual art therapy, however CREATE is not able to take insurance at this time. Please contact your health care provider to determine eligibility.

Contact us at or 301-588-2787 to learn more about ONLINE and ONSITE art therapy options.

“Individual art therapy has made a real difference. I’ve seen my son make more progress at CREATE than in his other therapies and activities.” – Parent of 4 year old with autism

Examples of the positive results CREATE clients have experienced include:

  • Learning coping skills to handle a variety of situations
  • Gaining a sense of understanding of life circumstances
  • Processing feelings of loneliness or disconnect
  • Increasing mindfulness through art and guided meditation
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  • Major life transitions
  • Building a relationship with an autistic child
  • Working through the grieving process
  • Making the parent/child relationship work more smoothly
  • Helping a family work together

The art therapist acts as a guide to help the client through the process of healing and awareness. In addition to guiding in the art-making process, the therapist may provide additional resources and help find strategies to increase an overall sense of well being. Typically, the therapist and client will meet weekly for one-hour sessions. The length of time for a therapy engagement varies depending on the needs of the client, and can last from a few months to several years.

All people are welcomed and honored at CREATE. We welcome all sexual, spiritual and cultural orientations.


More information:

For more information, please contact us by emailing or calling 301-588-2787.